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People of Karachi

Posted: February 11, 2013 in Uncategorized
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“Its Getting Hard to live in Karachi”
I hear this from a lot of people these days but i don’t blame them, we are living in a city filled with turmoil and chaos. A guy cant even walk alone on the road anymore without fear.  Fear is your only faithful companion in Karachi, Where else will you see people setting ablaze buses, bikes and cars or setting fire to stuff which other people have worked hard to attain and yet we walk past by them as if nothing happened. Over the years we have conditioned ourselves to all this chaos which is running amok in our city.

I hate the conditions here in Karachi, it would be a lie to say otherwise, But what i hate the most are hypocrites. People lived half of their lives in Karachi, took all they could from the city and when the time came to give something back they opt to run away.

They debate that Karachi is not a safe place to live anymore which is true but that does not mean that you go abroad and say terrible things about your country/city. The only reason terror exists in our city is because we let it brew. We deliberately let in people who were destined to ruin our city and our lives and when the time came to fight we decided to run away.

Bad times and good times come and go, there was a line in a movie called “The Crow” and I quote “it Can’t Rain All the time”, it means nothing is permanent, all of these troubles will eventually go away, sometimes you can’t do any thing to change the situation you are in and at that point you have two options run away or be patient. I don’t have to tell you which way works best.

You can’t give up on the city which taught you to dream – to dream big, be patient, hang in there all of this chaos will eventually come to order, all we have to do is wait and pray for those who have the ability to change this situation but they won’t stand up, Pray that they do….we need them.

“its always darkest before the dawn”Be patient the dawn is coming.Image


I have always wondered “why do people write blogs” and i always got one answer “to share the random thoughts in their head with the world” but then i wondered ” why would anyone care about what i think” but then again you do a lot of random things without caring what the world thinks so why stop now!!

My blogs are going to be about Comics, Books, Movies, sports, Techs, Gadgets, Games and Life. This is a mutual page which will be shared with my friend Syed Maad Jahangir because without him I always run short of Ideas.

Well that’s about it, this was just an introduction to Our page.

(Please Feel Free To Critique ^_^)Image