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Slaves in White Collar

Posted: June 30, 2013 in Life, Uncategorized
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We are men who are slaves in white collars, We idolize people in the Forbes magazine and are oblivious of the fact that they are the ones who enslaved us. We work 12 hours; hell even a 16 hour shift so that we can be like them and buy all the stuff we wanted but never needed. We are the young generation of robots who are programmed to obey and submit to the will of the Rich Men and yet we believe, we scream, we say ….. WE ARE FREE! WE ARE FREE! We are…. Free……..



by Faizan Ali


Lets Get real we came in to this world with a purpose, most of us spend our entire lives to find that purpose; those who do find their purpose spend most of their time trying to figure out how to fulfill it. And then there are those who achieve what they were destined to achieve, these are the ones who sit at the top of the highest mountains and we get live in its shadow.

But I’m stating the Obvious here, all of us already know that. But what we don’t know or what we Ignore is the fact that we have to find our own ways to fulfill our purpose. There won’t be any friends or family to help you along the way. Not because they are selfish but because they have their own Path to their destinies. And this path is built for us to tread alone. 

Some might Argue that you won’t have to walk on the “yellow brick road to OZ” all alone. Even Dorthy Had companions, well the fact is that You only get to have travel companions if each of you have similar paths. Your companions won’t be there because they care for you. They are there because they have to go on till the end to fulfill their purpose and claim whats rightfully theirs.

Choice is a huge a factor here, you know you have to go alone but how? when? where? its all up to you. I believe Everyone is destined to be great in one way or the other but you need to have faith that the path your walking on will lead you to salvation. Without faith you might stray away from one path to another and end up getting caught in an endless loop.

We live our entire living for others not because we want to but we have to. The world today does not let us choose our paths, we are caught in a strong stream flowing towards us and no matter how hard we try to swim in the opposite direction we keep getting pushing back not because we are weak but because we have burdened ourselves with Family and friends; and the worst/best part is we can’t get far without these burdens because they complete us.


A Weird Dream….

Posted: June 19, 2013 in surreal
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TWeird_Dreams_by_ArtbyBoneshey say that you get bad dreams if you watch a horror movie or think about something awful before you go to bed. Well I can assure you that this ain’t True. Last nite I had the weirdest dream ever, I couldn’t get over it and the whole day I was like WTF did I see!.

It started off with me being at work early in the morning and for a change it was crowded and oddly the place was filled with my old colleagues and friends. The place was an amalgamation of my current and old company i.e. the current being Gaditek and the old one being Axact. The first of many bad things which happened was that I saw that my best friend was ignoring me as if I was in another nightmarish realm invisible to the real world. Naturally that Ticked me off and I started walking away, when I reached the Lobby, there was this huge explosion; windows shattered, the furniture was all over the place; the explosion caused a rift in the space and time continuum which opened a portal from which came T-1000 (the Cyborg from the terminator 2 movie) naturally it scared the hell outta me but then I thought to myself “I aint no John Connor, he ain’t here for me”. But unfortunately he was, the next thing I knew that I was running from roof top to roof top and encountering everyone I ever knew.

Eventually I got tired and fell on the floor and the T-1000 started closing in on me I knew this was the part where I wake up but I didn’t and as I lay there waiting for the inevitable to happen then out of the blue an Audi screeches right beside me and to my surprise the first person to come out of the car was Agent Smith from the Matrix but that’s not the weird part, the next guy who came out was a TAMIL INDIAN with a gold chain in his neck and rings in all ten fingers with a whole lotta cash and to top it all off he was a Goblin cuz he had Loong pointy ears and I was so caught with that THING that I forgot about the T-1000. In my dream I had all sorts of crazzzyy thoughts of whats about to happen next but all he did was took a coin out of his ear and mumble about that the t-1000 owed him money, he gave him the coin and the T-1000 dropped flat on the floor. And thats where I woke up and I made a promise that I would never Owe money to a Goblin especially a Tamil Goblin……

That Feeling……

Posted: June 11, 2013 in Life

That feeling you get when your happy cuz’ someone close to you said something nice to you and you feel like you have a done a world of good.Image

That feeling you get when your upset and someone you trust comes up with a stupid advice but you still manage to break a smile cuz’ you realize your not alone.

That feeling you get when you are feeling all alone and suddenly you best friend texts you and all your boredom goes away.

That feeling you get when you feel you are worth nothing but your mom steps in and makes you feel like you are the most beautiful person in the entire world and how much you mean to her, it makes you feel like you are Royal.

That feeling you get when you help someone without them knowing is benevolent.

That feeling when you prove your enemies wrong and instead of saying something back you smile is EPIC.

That feeling you get when you see your crush/ love of your life smiling back at you is like having butterflies in your stomach.

These feelings which you have are ………..PRICELESS.

I woke up this morning Realizing that Allah has blessed me with Great Friends and this sudden realization of this wonderful fact inspired me to write something about them. Just to be clear I have a lot of friends, my social circle is big (used to be) but like many other people I just don’t open up to everyone, except for two or three. I don’t have to write their names to let them know who they are, they are rare gems only found in imaginations.
I’m being too cheesy, I know. But the fact is that I love them a lot in a non-perverted way :P. Whether I know them for over 12 years or just 2, I know that I can count on them when I need them. TImagehough my only regret is that I haven’t been able to do enough for them and for that I am Sorry. God knows that I have tried hard to be there when I was required but most of the time I couldn’t.

The feeling you get when you know that you have a friend who knows how you feel is just out of this world almost heavenly. I have had the honor of having such a friend the one whom I can confide in. I’m Sorry that I have to make you go through all of my nonsense melodrama but I can’t help Your the only who actually listens to me. And for that your ROck my awesome “RED” friend :).

Then there are friends who are also your rivals. You go at each other in every sport or video game you find and learn to NEVER appreciate that DOG’s abilities :D. This particular friend of mine is someone whom I can trust whom I turn to when all else fails. You have been like a brother though I always kick your butt all the time :P. But you Rock anyways.

In the End all I would say that you guys are the light of my gloomy life which keeps my going. Thank you for all the wonderful memories. 🙂

The World Around me has changed. I remember distinctively that when I was young the sky was clearer, the sun was brighter and the people were nicer. But unfortunately now, its just not the same. I feel like somehow I have gone in to a parallel universe which is filled with vile and sick people. People who have absolutely no regards for others and for the world around them. They are bent on destroying the very fabric of Mankind and that is HOPE. Hope is something which keeps us alive and kicking, it makes us believe that even in the darkest of times there is always a ray of light seeping through the dark corridors and all we have to do is to let it all out.mad_world_by_nooriskandar
Sadly this world is now without hope, people have no passion for life and refuse to live the way they were mean to live. I wish someday I will wake to being my younger self and all of this will be just one long dream.

I would Like to apologize to all the people who thought that I could everything there is to do in this world, I would like to apologize to all those who thought that I am benevolent and could never do anything wrong, I would like to apologize to all those to whose expectations I could not live up to.
I apologize for being human. I’m Sorry, Maybe all of you could have done better without me being your son, brother, relative and a friend.

I’m Truly Sorry.