Our Purpose

Posted: June 21, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Lets Get real we came in to this world with a purpose, most of us spend our entire lives to find that purpose; those who do find their purpose spend most of their time trying to figure out how to fulfill it. And then there are those who achieve what they were destined to achieve, these are the ones who sit at the top of the highest mountains and we get live in its shadow.

But I’m stating the Obvious here, all of us already know that. But what we don’t know or what we Ignore is the fact that we have to find our own ways to fulfill our purpose. There won’t be any friends or family to help you along the way. Not because they are selfish but because they have their own Path to their destinies. And this path is built for us to tread alone. 

Some might Argue that you won’t have to walk on the “yellow brick road to OZ” all alone. Even Dorthy Had companions, well the fact is that You only get to have travel companions if each of you have similar paths. Your companions won’t be there because they care for you. They are there because they have to go on till the end to fulfill their purpose and claim whats rightfully theirs.

Choice is a huge a factor here, you know you have to go alone but how? when? where? its all up to you. I believe Everyone is destined to be great in one way or the other but you need to have faith that the path your walking on will lead you to salvation. Without faith you might stray away from one path to another and end up getting caught in an endless loop.

We live our entire living for others not because we want to but we have to. The world today does not let us choose our paths, we are caught in a strong stream flowing towards us and no matter how hard we try to swim in the opposite direction we keep getting pushing back not because we are weak but because we have burdened ourselves with Family and friends; and the worst/best part is we can’t get far without these burdens because they complete us.



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