My Confession

Posted: July 14, 2013 in Life
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Love, Amour

When the first time I saw her my heart went crazy as if it were to jump right out my chest, but I brushed it off because there is no such thing as love at first sight. The Second time I saw her the same thing happened and like every other thing in the world I decided to Google  it  (Literally) but then I realized that there are somethings for which you have to search your feeling and not the internet.  This time I though that maybe its  infatuation, maybe I’m not really in love with her maybe I just wanna flirt! (you know how most guys are; always finding ways to negate the obvious). I though I would give it a shot, so I took my chance and went for it. As far as I can remember it started out well! starting with a playful flirt but not going to the extreme. I was convinced that my Hypothesis about my infatuation with her was true but then I started to get to know her better. She was Beautiful I spaced out every time I looked in to her eyes. Her hair so radiant, Her smile so eternal, Funny, Charming and had no concern about her surroundings. Living up to what was in front and never looking back.  That’s when I decided to man up and I fessed up  my feelings to her and to my surprise she obliged.

It started out as feeling and then turned in to love, the girl whom I saw that day is the one with Whom I’m probably going to spend my life with.


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