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The Great Escape

Posted: August 28, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I tend find that Writing my feelings away is my great escape…from the world, from my surrounding and from everything that is stressful. I know I’m not a very good writer, I make a lot of mistakes. But I find writing liberating. There was this time in my life when I actually wanted to be a writer but unfortunately like everything else I started but didn’t finish. I gave up (sadly). But that is another story…

I’m not a regular blogger but whatever I have written is sad and depressing. That doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m always like. I live in my own happy world most of the times but as you grow older you have to (even if you don’t want to) leave that safe harbor and sail away in to the cruel sea. You do this for the people around, whom you care for but sadly even when you are doing things i.e. working your ass off for those people you tend stay invisible and stings a lot because you are surrounded by so many People including friends and family and yet you are alone.

Writing helps forget about such stuff because I’m talking to myself and to that blank piece of white paper (in this case the screen) which is far better than talking to some random person who doesn’t give a shit about what you say either because they don’t want to listen or don’t have the time. That is why I’m going to keep on writing even if its occasionally and this is something I won’t give up on cuz’ this is after all MY GREAT ESCAPE.


P.S: I did not proof read 😦


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