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I hate Studying

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Recently, My company conducted a training of Inbound Marketing courtesy of Hubspot. We were forced to come in at work for the whole week and had gobble down all the information we could. Each day in order to prepare us we were required to give a quiz about the previous lecture. Overall I got only 60% marks which is pathetic! The reason behind all of this that I could not study. I just hate studying… I studied for more than 20 years of my life and I just can’t do it anymore… I don’t want to sound like an illiterate.. but I just Hate Studying!!



Posted: October 4, 2013 in Uncategorized


I am pleased to introduce this wonderful writer to the duet list.  Please visit her blog.  I am shocked I haven’t already written with her since it seems I have watched her here in the blogosphere  for a long time.


Written by Words4jp and HastyWords

“Yes Ma’am” is all she could say

as she stared at the reflection

that was trying to tempt her fate

It was the first time they met

although they were the same.


The looking glass revealed

a monster with eyes,

penetrating her mind

and infecting her thoughts,

fueling an urge to tear herself apart.


She grew up listening to its voice

the self- hate spewed wisdom

that devoured her inner dialog

until now only heard, never seen

It was a battle she needed to win


who would claim this victory,

whose hunger covets the most – 

the fragile soul looking in or

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