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A friend of mine Blogged about Youtube being banned in Pakistan. Which sucks because we have been deprived of something very useful. But its not just Pakistan. Internet Censorship has been happening all over the globe. The general public is being robbed of their freedom because of a few fanatics!

Mahrukh Iqbal

Since 2012 I’m waiting for my freedom in Pakistan. What have I done wrong? I am technically programmed to upload all the data which is loaded on my database.
Just one video that got attention from media caused my blockage. It’s not fair. There are a hundred thousand more videos like that on me. Some fools say I’m haraam LOL, may they use some brain before putting illogical fatwas. *Takes a gun shoots in the head* Kidding why would I do that? It’s you people who need to change your perspective on things. Simply don’t open the link. Now how hard could that be? But no, no one is going to think like that.
People all around me use for good stuff too. There are so many wonderful Islamic videos which have caused people to convert to Islam. A number of Pakistani teachers and students were taking benefits from me…

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