Facing Your Fears…

Posted: March 10, 2014 in Life
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Today was one of those days which you just hate. Today was the kind of day when you wake up and say “Today is going to be horrible”. This revelation just comes to you regardless of you being pessimist or an optimist. If you are the superstitious type you would wanna sit this one out but if you are a normal person you won’t care but if you are like me you would worry yourself till you are sure you are going to die.

I had an interview today HBL for Assistant Brand Manager, Big Gig, most people would kill to work in this organization. I didn’t! I just wanted to get rid of my fear of banks. I have also been paranoid banks. The Idea of an old experienced Fat ass asking me questions and trying to intimidate me was just awful. But I decided to go ahead and face my fears and the end result was that I did one heck of a job! Though the guy beat me with his experience but I learned a lot. I learned that old people working in banks are not scary and you can talk back to them if you want and they won’t bite. In a matter of 20 mins I changed my pre-conceived notion of how bad my day is going to be to “Not so bad”.

After the interview I felt like I could take on the world. But unfortunately I was terribly wrong. I got back to my current employers and got a migraine Attack. Because of this my productivity was almost 0. But I did helped out old friends which made me feel better. Thus far my day from being ‘bad’ to ‘not so bad’ and then back to being ‘bad’ went to ‘Ok’. I said to myself “What else could go wrong, I’m a survivor I can survive” But boy! was I wrong! I went back home and the bomb was dropped on me. I just found out that I am the only financial support in the family right now. Therefore my day from ‘Ok’ went down to ‘Hell’ which isn’t an unfamiliar place I am a regular tenant. Now if only YOU were around things would have been a bit different, at least I would have managed to break a smile. Oh well I guess you really have to face your fears, demons and troubles alone and I may be failing but I’m still facing my fears and doing one hell of a job!

  1. Nida Mokhtar says:

    Life’s like that!

    They say it’s what you make
    I say it’s up to fate – Demons

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