Life is complicated and the more you think about it the more complicated it gets. You gotta treat life like a stream of a river let it flow freely. You can’t stop it at least not until it reaches its final destination. We will all have issues in life which we think we are unable to handle and most of the time it is true, sometimes things go way out of proportions that you just can’t put em’ back together. What I do is that I write about my problems and this is what this blog is all about, my constant depression!

In reality I am not that sad I’m actually a very fun loving guy but we all have places which we call our great escape, this blog happens to be that place for me. I’m not as skilled as many bloggers I know and follow but I just like writing and I don’t think I’m going to give this up at least not until I realize that I have achieved what I wanted to achieve and if I know myself any better I would say I would still keep on writing. It gives me comfort. I don’t have anything else interesting to write about myself I’ll just have to reflect my personality through whatever I write and I hope I do a good job 🙂


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