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Facing Your Fears…

Posted: March 10, 2014 in Life
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Today was one of those days which you just hate. Today was the kind of day when you wake up and say “Today is going to be horrible”. This revelation just comes to you regardless of you being pessimist or an optimist. If you are the superstitious type you would wanna sit this one out but if you are a normal person you won’t care but if you are like me you would worry yourself till you are sure you are going to die.

I had an interview today HBL for Assistant Brand Manager, Big Gig, most people would kill to work in this organization. I didn’t! I just wanted to get rid of my fear of banks. I have also been paranoid banks. The Idea of an old experienced Fat ass asking me questions and trying to intimidate me was just awful. But I decided to go ahead and face my fears and the end result was that I did one heck of a job! Though the guy beat me with his experience but I learned a lot. I learned that old people working in banks are not scary and you can talk back to them if you want and they won’t bite. In a matter of 20 mins I changed my pre-conceived notion of how bad my day is going to be to “Not so bad”.

After the interview I felt like I could take on the world. But unfortunately I was terribly wrong. I got back to my current employers and got a migraine Attack. Because of this my productivity was almost 0. But I did helped out old friends which made me feel better. Thus far my day from being ‘bad’ to ‘not so bad’ and then back to being ‘bad’ went to ‘Ok’. I said to myself “What else could go wrong, I’m a survivor I can survive” But boy! was I wrong! I went back home and the bomb was dropped on me. I just found out that I am the only financial support in the family right now. Therefore my day from ‘Ok’ went down to ‘Hell’ which isn’t an unfamiliar place I am a regular tenant. Now if only YOU were around things would have been a bit different, at least I would have managed to break a smile. Oh well I guess you really have to face your fears, demons and troubles alone and I may be failing but I’m still facing my fears and doing one hell of a job!


My Confession

Posted: July 14, 2013 in Life
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Love, Amour

When the first time I saw her my heart went crazy as if it were to jump right out my chest, but I brushed it off because there is no such thing as love at first sight. The Second time I saw her the same thing happened and like every other thing in the world I decided to Google  it  (Literally) but then I realized that there are somethings for which you have to search your feeling and not the internet.  This time I though that maybe its  infatuation, maybe I’m not really in love with her maybe I just wanna flirt! (you know how most guys are; always finding ways to negate the obvious). I though I would give it a shot, so I took my chance and went for it. As far as I can remember it started out well! starting with a playful flirt but not going to the extreme. I was convinced that my Hypothesis about my infatuation with her was true but then I started to get to know her better. She was Beautiful I spaced out every time I looked in to her eyes. Her hair so radiant, Her smile so eternal, Funny, Charming and had no concern about her surroundings. Living up to what was in front and never looking back.  That’s when I decided to man up and I fessed up  my feelings to her and to my surprise she obliged.

It started out as feeling and then turned in to love, the girl whom I saw that day is the one with Whom I’m probably going to spend my life with.

Slaves in White Collar

Posted: June 30, 2013 in Life, Uncategorized
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We are men who are slaves in white collars, We idolize people in the Forbes magazine and are oblivious of the fact that they are the ones who enslaved us. We work 12 hours; hell even a 16 hour shift so that we can be like them and buy all the stuff we wanted but never needed. We are the young generation of robots who are programmed to obey and submit to the will of the Rich Men and yet we believe, we scream, we say ….. WE ARE FREE! WE ARE FREE! We are…. Free……..



by Faizan Ali

That Feeling……

Posted: June 11, 2013 in Life

That feeling you get when your happy cuz’ someone close to you said something nice to you and you feel like you have a done a world of good.Image

That feeling you get when your upset and someone you trust comes up with a stupid advice but you still manage to break a smile cuz’ you realize your not alone.

That feeling you get when you are feeling all alone and suddenly you best friend texts you and all your boredom goes away.

That feeling you get when you feel you are worth nothing but your mom steps in and makes you feel like you are the most beautiful person in the entire world and how much you mean to her, it makes you feel like you are Royal.

That feeling you get when you help someone without them knowing is benevolent.

That feeling when you prove your enemies wrong and instead of saying something back you smile is EPIC.

That feeling you get when you see your crush/ love of your life smiling back at you is like having butterflies in your stomach.

These feelings which you have are ………..PRICELESS.

I woke up this morning Realizing that Allah has blessed me with Great Friends and this sudden realization of this wonderful fact inspired me to write something about them. Just to be clear I have a lot of friends, my social circle is big (used to be) but like many other people I just don’t open up to everyone, except for two or three. I don’t have to write their names to let them know who they are, they are rare gems only found in imaginations.
I’m being too cheesy, I know. But the fact is that I love them a lot in a non-perverted way :P. Whether I know them for over 12 years or just 2, I know that I can count on them when I need them. TImagehough my only regret is that I haven’t been able to do enough for them and for that I am Sorry. God knows that I have tried hard to be there when I was required but most of the time I couldn’t.

The feeling you get when you know that you have a friend who knows how you feel is just out of this world almost heavenly. I have had the honor of having such a friend the one whom I can confide in. I’m Sorry that I have to make you go through all of my nonsense melodrama but I can’t help Your the only who actually listens to me. And for that your ROck my awesome “RED” friend :).

Then there are friends who are also your rivals. You go at each other in every sport or video game you find and learn to NEVER appreciate that DOG’s abilities :D. This particular friend of mine is someone whom I can trust whom I turn to when all else fails. You have been like a brother though I always kick your butt all the time :P. But you Rock anyways.

In the End all I would say that you guys are the light of my gloomy life which keeps my going. Thank you for all the wonderful memories. 🙂

The World Around me has changed. I remember distinctively that when I was young the sky was clearer, the sun was brighter and the people were nicer. But unfortunately now, its just not the same. I feel like somehow I have gone in to a parallel universe which is filled with vile and sick people. People who have absolutely no regards for others and for the world around them. They are bent on destroying the very fabric of Mankind and that is HOPE. Hope is something which keeps us alive and kicking, it makes us believe that even in the darkest of times there is always a ray of light seeping through the dark corridors and all we have to do is to let it all out.mad_world_by_nooriskandar
Sadly this world is now without hope, people have no passion for life and refuse to live the way they were mean to live. I wish someday I will wake to being my younger self and all of this will be just one long dream.

I would Like to apologize to all the people who thought that I could everything there is to do in this world, I would like to apologize to all those who thought that I am benevolent and could never do anything wrong, I would like to apologize to all those to whose expectations I could not live up to.
I apologize for being human. I’m Sorry, Maybe all of you could have done better without me being your son, brother, relative and a friend.

I’m Truly Sorry.