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In recent news ‘Twitter has bowed down’ to the demands of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to block Blasphemous Content. The whole world is against any form of censorship, people believe that information of any nature should not be withheld. While I do agree that censorship is prevalent in Pakistan, as the citizens have been deprived of YouTube since 2012 but this kind of censorship; in which only a mere number of tweets have been banned; should not be made a fuss about.

In my personal opinion ‘Freedom of Speech’ should have certain limits. If Freedom of Speech is used to hurt people’s sentiments then it should be, by all means, avoided. There is no point if ‘Freedom of Speech’ creates conflicts. If you still disagree with what I say then the use of other derogatory terms should be allowed our daily conversations and it should not be taken as an offense. But unfortunately the world doesn’t work this way.

Pakistani people and its government had every right to protest against this, as all they did was is that they asked twitter to block some tweets, not the whole Twitter. A similar request was also sent to YouTube but they did not comply since they don’t have Country Specific Censorship Policy. I completely respect this, as no one should operate beyond their boundaries. But YouTube did recently proposed that they will give Pakistan a separate domain like ‘’ so that they can block the content which they find offensive.

Coming back to the point EFF took an aggressive stance on all of this and they said that:

Supporters of Twitter’s position might also argue that the country-by-country censorship is easy to circumvent; all you need to do is change your account’s location settings. This is true and it’s one of the nice things about the Internet. But the argument misses the point: Censorship is censorship, even if it is weak or easy to get around. No one will ever defend Twitter as the “weak censorship wing of the Free Speech Party.” And that includes EFF.

I agree with what EFF has to say but like I have mentioned before that there should be some sort of scale which qualifies to be termed as Censorship. I will stick with my opinion i.e. avoid freedom of speech if it creates conflicts, we already have enough of them and we don’t need any more. Leave your comments below and let me know what you think about this and as for the “Censorship” you can get a VPN to get through or change your location from Pakistan to anywhere else in the world, it’s that simple you don’t need to make a fuss about it. 😉


Many of you have probably heard about Microsoft’s defamation campaign of Google. In this campaign Microsoft has launched a separate merchandise Titled “Scroogled”. The products range from Hats, T-shirts and mugs which all poke fun at Google for keeping user data and spying on them.Image

Earlier this month Microsoft launched a website called “Don’t Get Scroogled” which is aimed to defame Google by exposing how they compromise the user data. Looks like someone is really mad at Google and we all know why! Apparently Google has taken all the market away from Bing which has been a cause for concern for Microsoft and from a marketers perspective it is clear that Microsoft wants to Promote Bing through this defamation campaign.

As per the Business Insider this isn’t the first time Google has been accused of crossing the “Creepy Line”. But unlike ever before no one has packed a punch this hard and delivered it to Google straight to its face. Microsoft has taken the fight to the big guys and it’s only going to get ugly in the future.

Imagine, if this campaign succeeds in getting the attention away from Google and brings it back to Bing it won’t be long when we start using the Term “Lets Bing it on the internet” instead of “Google it”, wouldn’t that be something.

One thing is for sure that Google won’t take this lightly and will retaliate. Hollywood could make another sequel of Clash of the Titans if they decided to cover this epic brawl. So far we haven’t heard anything from Google but we sure will in the future. Till then you keep on “Google-ing it” and try not to get “Scroogled” in the process.